Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pixie's Agility Graduation

Well, Pixie graduated from her first agility class last night. I have been very surprised and very pleased with how well she did. The coolest part is that she not only did pretty well, but while we were waiting our turn - she'd often "offer" behaviors. That was probably one of the biggest thrills of the class. So different than the dog that when I got her less than a year ago, would be just as likely to sit and stare at you for 25 minutes...

Pixie's favorite part of agility, aside from the fact that there are usually hot dogs involved, seems to be the teeter. I swear she just sits at home all day while I'm at work and asks Shelby what her favorite things are... and then copies her. It's actually pretty scary at times.

We were a little worried because one of her teachers had said during a class that if we weren't able to get our dogs to everything we were being taught - we wouldn't get to graduate! Well, I have yet to find someone who can figure out how to get her to lay down... So, when the "lay down on the table" game came around last night - needless to say, we didn't win... but apparently Heidi was joking. We were able to get a shoulder down on the table which is actually pretty significant progress - so it definitely wasn't due to lack of effort. Pixie went and loved on Heidi after class - even though she scared her about not graduating.

So, Pixie will continue with agility lessons as getting out and trying new things has really helped her confidence... Maybe one day she'll be an agility star!

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Heidi said...

Oh Kris, your dogs do great. I was trying to motivate those that don't work with their dogs during the week.