Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Update...

Well, it has been a crazy summer - with some ups and downs. My niece Megan came to stay with me at the end of June. I really enjoy having her come visit each summer. However, a couple weeks after she arrived, I lost my job due to a reduction in force. Other than no longer having an income, it was kind of nice to be able to spend time with her.

We went to the zoo quite a bit (I have a membership pass), and made a weekend trip to San Antonio when I went there for an interview. We also had a lot of fun going to Tiger Safari where she got to actually hold and feed a baby tiger. As usual, she helped with the dogs.

She did some freestyle with Pixie and also ran her in agility. Shelby and Pixie are actually in the same agility class, so Megan ran Pixie this summer. They really work nicely together. In July, my parents, sister, and older niece were all here for the Youth World Quarter Horse Show for about two weeks, and then everyone except Megan went home for about 10 days. But they were back to help Nicole move into OSU.

We didn't have any freestyle competitions this summer, but Megan did run Pixie at the TDAA trial in Norman. They got Pixie's first standard Q and were really close to a second, but had a dropped bar. They were also able to finish up Pixie's Games I title - her first agility title. :)

My mom and her dog, Oakley, also competed so it was a fun weekend. Shelby finished her Intermediate Standard title, and earned a couple Q's towards her Games III title. So, all in all - it was a fun weekend. So, now that summer is over and the family has all gone home - I'm focusing mostly on trying to find a job...