Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shelby Is WCFO's First Beagle Champion!

Shelby finished her W-Ch.FD/HTM title in the December 2008 video competition and in doing so, we became the first beagle team to earn a championship title with WCFO!

This was also my 51st title with WCFO which was another significant milestone.

December 2008 Video Competition Results

Well, the results are in... Pixie finished her W-FD/MF title and Bonnie finished her W-FD/HTM title - both with second places. Roxie finished her W-SSFDX title with a first place, and Shelby completed her W-Ch.FD/HTM title with a second place finish.

Here is Pixie's Beginner MF routine...


Well, after I told my friend the funny story from our last competition on how I ended up in the hotel parking lot in just my jeans and my bra... she suggested that we keep a blog of our freestyle adventures. So, we'll see how this goes....